Wayne Fontana welcomes you.

For lovers of Sixties music, this is the ultimate, and probably never to be repeated, line-up. From Liverpool, where it all started, and tipped to be as big as The Beatles.

The Searchers first single went to No. 1 and led to five more Top 5 hits and a total of 128 weeks in the charts. Worldwide sales exceed 50 million.

Brian Poole & The Tremeloes, featuring original members Brian Poole, Chip Hawkes and Dave Munden - the band that broke the Liverpool stranglehold and went on to have 21 hits that spent over 220 weeks in the UK charts.

P.J. Proby, controversial and pony-tailed, whose trouser splitting shocked the nation, was a Melody Maker teen idol award winner in 1964 and spent 91 weeks in the charts.

Wayne Fontana, originally from Manchester, spent over 75 weeks in the British charts with hits such as “Game Of Love” “Um Um Um Um Um” "Come On Home" and “ Pamela Pamela”.

Special Guest, direct from America, Gary Puckett & Union Gap who’s classic  first single “Young Girl” was a world-wide No. 1 hit.

Starting September 23rd 2016

The Searchers

Brian Poole and the Tremeloes

Wayne Fontana and P J Proby

with very special guests, direct from America

Gary Pucket and the Union Gap 


Best of the 60s in the 21st century